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A plead of fealty

Welcome reader, today I’d like to talk about Arsène Wenger. Although I believe he’s still the right man for the job, I understand why my fellow Gooners are very concerned about Arsenal. In the following blog I will try to convince you to support the club and the manager until at least May. I hope you like what you’re reading. If you do, feel free to comment and share, or follow me on twitter to tell me what you think.

Mankind has always felt the need to ‘belong’, whether it’s to a religion, country, political movement or football club. People tend to stick to their bunch, even when the subject of their belief changes into something they’d feel less connected to if they were to re-evaluate their decision. It’s a strange thing, loyalty. Truly believing in something isn’t a matter of listing pros and cons and making your decision based on logic and numbers: belief is about emotional attachment.

When you don’t like your shoes anymore, it’s easy to switch to another brand. Football clubs on the other hands are not easily discarded, as we all know. It’s a wonderful thing, feeling like you belong to something, but it also makes discussing the subject and parts of it a lot harder.

That’s why I fully understand why the Arsenal fan base is so divided nowadays. No matter which way you look at it, we all want what we think is best for the club. However, we must realise that all of us, as fans, feel strongly connected to its future. It is important to respect each other’s opinions, even if you disagree. If you want Wenger to go, that’s okay if you can defend that without being abusive and if you think that’s what’s best for our club.

The end, however, doesn’t justify the means. If you want Arsenal to lose because that could force the most successful manager in Arsenal’s history out, you’re not seeing the bigger picture, in my opinion. Unrest and negativity harms our football club and influences our players and our manager and it’s grist to the mill of the media. Furthermore, the end of the Wenger-era must be carefully planned because there has never been a manager that has influenced a football club as much as Le Prof.

If Wenger were to quit today (he can’t be sacked), we’d need a new manager tomorrow. There isn’t a manager in the world who is available AND a suitable replacement for Arsène. Our entire club has bought in to the Frenchman’s methods: he revolutionised the players’ diets and training methods and the club’s scouting. Whether Financial Fair Play takes hold or not, Arsenal will still have less financial means than Chelsea, Manchester City, PSG and Monaco, so our new manager has to cope with the same lack of level playing field. Also, the Gunners’ wage structure would be extremely hard to change in a short space of time so ‘Wenger 2.0’ will have to cope with that as well.

Wenger’s eventual replacement will not only have to be a great football coach who wants to play attractive football, but also an excellent man-manager AND someone with an eye for talent. On top of that, we’d all expect him to be a gentleman because Arsenal are a classy club. Is that a task you’d trust our board to perform, especially unprepared and unexpected? How many managers who aren’t tied down on long-term contracts fit that profile?

The sticker that will force Arsène out. Not really.

The sticker that will force Arsène out. Not really.

I believe it’s important to take that into consideration when you express yourself, especially when supporting our beloved club at The Emirates or away. Wenger out? Okay, but what happens next? Is what happens next what’s best for our football club?

As I said before, it’s important to respect the opinion of fellow fans. They’re just as passionate as you are, and no matter your point of view, one thing’s for sure: in order to get the best results, the team needs our full support, as does the man that sends them out on that pitch. That’s what’s best for our football club right now.


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