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In the land of the Blind, Daley is king

Mikel Arteta isn’t as good as he used to be. Whether it’s due to age, injuries or his midfield partners, the Spaniard seems to be becoming less positively influential. Most … Lees verder

13 februari 2014 · 1 reactie

Pièce de Racistance: The Suárez Dissonance

As shown on Have you ever found yourself in a pub while you should be studying? Playing a computer game while you should be doing something important? I’m sure … Lees verder

28 juli 2013 · Een reactie plaatsen

Eredivisie XI of the season

As shown on On the fifth of May – Dutch Liberty Day – Ajax claimed their third consecutive Eredivisie title under Frank de Boer. The whole of Amsterdam heaved … Lees verder

4 juli 2013 · Een reactie plaatsen

Cravin’ Strootman

As shown on ‘Kevin Strootman: Welcome to Manchester United’, a video posted on YouTube 11 months ago. The now 23-year old PSV midfielder had just finished his first full … Lees verder

28 mei 2013 · Een reactie plaatsen

The Boys in Red and White

As shown on The open top bus reaches the centre of the capital. A red and white crowd cheers as the club captain lifts the title trophy, the manager … Lees verder

14 mei 2013 · Een reactie plaatsen

Victory Through Harmony

As shown on There isn’t a true, definable and teachable recipe for greatness. This goes for anything: from science, to art, to professional occupation, to teamwork. What makes it … Lees verder

13 mei 2013 · Een reactie plaatsen

Barcelona are through to the semi-finals, after beating Paris Saint-Germain by three goals to… three?

The tension of the Champions League knockout stages. Two teams, usually from a different league, square off to determine who is the superior side. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra starts playing … Lees verder

11 april 2013 · 2 reacties

Utility, Futility?

Today ‘s blog is about a subject that I’ve been keen on writing about for a while. I’m fascinated by tactics, formations and player roles. Classic roles like the libero, … Lees verder

1 maart 2013 · 2 reacties

A plead of fealty

Welcome reader, today I’d like to talk about Arsène Wenger. Although I believe he’s still the right man for the job, I understand why my fellow Gooners are very concerned … Lees verder

21 februari 2013 · 1 reactie

He cares too much, if anything

The position of Arsenal manager has been dividing opinions for years now. As we all know, The Gunners haven’t lifted a trophy since that ugly ’05 FA Cup win. It’s … Lees verder

18 februari 2013 · Een reactie plaatsen
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